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Project compiled of 5 girls, also known together as JenZ. We created an Instagram, website, and a TikTok with distraction DIY projects to inspire people to stay creative during quarantine.


Instagram link:

Website link: 

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REDO Lookbook

Thrifting upcycling project compiled of 5 girls, also known together as JenZ. For this project, we had to find a common interest and expand off of it. Our common interest was thrifting. We all went to a local Richmond thrift store together to pick out clothes to reconstruct and upcycle.We created an upcycling lookbook called the "Redo Lookbook" expressing our own individual design styles as well as showing off the clothes we created. Shown, is my section of the lookbook.


FALL 2020

Amelia Street Garden Project

Group project to create a garden bed plan for gardeners with physical disabilities and those who use mobility devices at the Amelia Street garden school. 


One other group member and I, collaborated to make the Amelia Street Garden poster and plant labels.

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