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Redo Revamp: Yens Yarns

My senior project is a continuation of a project started in Multi Studio 1 called “The Redo” (click to view) consisting of five people: Zoe, Shayla, Jordan, Nicole and I. We had to find a common interest and expand off of it. Our common interest was thrifting. We all went to a local Richmond thrift store together to pick out clothes to reconstruct and upcycle.


Due to Covid, we never got the opportunity to complete the second part of the project by doing a pop-up shop so I thought now would be the perfect time to revisit it


I planned on working with Zoe and Shay to revamp the redo project. We each plan on creating a mini collection that incorporates our individual interests. 


Crocheting was one of the things that I picked up over quarantine. I wanted to play with the concept of the time we lost as a group vs. the time that I gained to learn a new skill. 

There are two parts to my senior project: A “make-a-day” portion and my clothing versus yarn integrating portion. For the make-a-day portion, I created a “mood blanket'' where I assigned each yarn color, 2 moods with both positive and negative connotations, and crocheted 3 lines a day to express what I was feeling every Monday-Friday. For the yarn vs cloth, I challenged myself to intertwine the different cloth materials and the yarn to make wearable pieces.

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FALL 2021


Black Women in Luxury

Luxury is defined as a state of great comfort or elegance especially when involving great expense. Black women in luxury to me is defined as a black woman living in her truth. However, luxury isn’t something that is often

associated with black women. Why? Simply due to the many social and systematic things that hinder us from being comfortable or presented as elegant. 

From a fashion standpoint, the items don't necessarily have to be high end pieces. What's needed is the ability to “put that shit on” meaning, "take whatever you got and make it look good". For this project I curated some outfits to represent that.

Fashion is what makes the lifestyle real. Not only for you but everyone else watching.

Hardcover Book MockUp 2.jpg

FALL 2020


Self Renovation System


I decided to explore the

the human body in relation to

changes within oneself and

changes people make with

cosmetic surgery. I wanted

to take a psychological

approach to what and why

people decide to undergo

cosmetic surgery. Also, take

the perspective of myself

and how I self renovate

physically and emotionally.

Look at yourself mag.png
look at yourself mag 3.png
look at yourself mag 2.png
look at yourself mag 4.png
look at yourself mag 5.png
look at yourself mag 6.png
look at yourself mag 7.png

FALL 2020


Self Renovation System


 Favorite Spreads.

pills and potions5.jpg
pills and potions3.jpg

FALL 2020




For this project, we had to create a tool to fix the underlying problem in our publication system. While researching and reflecting, I understood that most people undergo cosmetic surgery because they aren't comfortable with what they look like or trying to conform to society's standards of what looks beautiful. 

My tool is a supplement named FILLED used to fill the discomfort of existing in your natural form.


pills and potions2.jpg
pills and potions4.jpg
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